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Mid January…2017… Still in the mid 20’s at night, and I should put up the exterior window covers – but won’t.

Am looking outward through a window, installed months ago – onto a moonlitscape of this property, which runs to to the edge of our steep slope, down into our valley and meadow.

It’s ethereal, clean, fresh.

I’m truly in awe of where I & my gurldawg are; how much has been accomplished since dragging up from the curb and biting the tires of the bus thrown under.

From an 8 X 10 tent – 15 months of adventure? – to over 15,000 hours of becoming human again, by building the small art-project cabin, gurldawg & I share.

Solid, no leaks, warm when most needed.

Not easy moving from 21st century ‘ahhh at last’ to ‘OMG – what’s happening’. In what seems to be a personal, final – adios – ur toast!

Lucky me. Lucky us…

It was how I started life and wound up using all absorbed from the early years to survive these past 8 plus.

The untold ‘gap’ from ’07 to present, starts here – as I look out onto the moonlit area, dropping down to the meadow below.

Am near completion of what I didn’t even fully realize I’d ‘started’ – one does with what one can, with what one has, has been almost a mantra for me. It’s true, though; gotta keep moving & improving.

In a situation as this – one uses what’s at hand – saves it to use again – then yet again.

No waste – never waste if it’s reusable it gets repurposed, eventually.


From August 2007: The Story of Moi Begins…

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