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Some of the More Memorable Things Obama Has Done: All Hideous

​From a commentor on Breitbart re: Striesand’s bloviating about Trump.

An excellent 13 point list highlighting Obama’s abject disdain for this country.

peggy6824    1.9.17

Streisand: “It’s easy enough to see the video online of Trump mocking — you just showed it — I completely agree with Meryl. It was heartbreaking moment and so beneath the dignity of the presidency, let alone any respectful person.”

Anybody remember when Obama threw a tantrum and shut down the government because Republicans refused to increase spending??


1. Blocked dying vets from accessing the WWII Memorial during planned ceremonies

2. Blacked out sports/entertainment programs to troops overseas

3. Closed Military Commissaries

4. Forced elderly Americans out of their private homes on federal land in the middle of the night

5. Not only blocked access to national parks/monuments but also went out of his way to block views from miles away (he closed the Grand Canyon & blocked views of Mount Rushmore)

6. Closed privately owned businesses by blocking access to them on government owned land thus trapping some people in place in Yellowstone/under armed guard

7. Refused/delayed search & rescue operations on federal lands thus forcing ordinary Americans to mount their own search & rescue operations (body of Dr. Jodean Elliott-Blakeslee found in “Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve)

8. Shut down the “Amber Alert” website

9. Closed 1,100 sq. mi. of the Florida ocean

10. Forced Vietnam war vets from the “Vietnam Veterans Memorial

11. Denied death benefits to families of soldiers killed in action

12. Denied access to all Military Chapels

13. Stopped therapy dogs from visiting sick children

Obama made clear that any attempts by Congress or the American people to provide private funding for any of these things would be blocked/vetoed.

What about all of the innocent police officers who have been killed across the country thanks to Obama???

Nothing but crickets out of people like Streisand & Streep. Not one word on behalf of the children, Amber Alert, the vets, those lost out in the wilderness, etc.

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