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Obama’s DC Bastion & Dirty Deeds Enroute

​It’s very clear what this out-going, WORST POTUS ever is doing. He’s shoring up in a castle-like configuration to continue his assault on freshly freed peoples & a new leadership.

The word ‘hope’ was never a part of his vocabulary, as he gained momentum in his roll of greedy destroyer – globally.

He can’t afford not to – because Trump is giving miniscule (any?) amounts of ground – AND Obama’s European (City of London – Do Not confuse with London proper… CoL is a separate state type location – which DC was modeled after) handlers have – in all likelihood – ordered him to stay & escalate.
It’s all too insane of course – and will, more than likely, end in massive, massive bloodshed on both sides. 

 Just hope many of the wrong headed exsanguinate and more than many conservatives survive it.

SHTF with all seriousness after, on or around the 20th – though its already begun, with the 11/8/16 win.
In so many ways – like being IN the movie -‘V for Vendetta’. 

Dissenters OK.  Coup mongers NOT OK.

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