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There Are Still Many Whole Humans Out There

Have been following Breitbart for some time – along with commentors regarding the news articles.

A lot if anger emerges – how could it not – also great imagination and humor is released. since I’m a long time pirate (talk like a Pirate Day.9/19 any year) and by permission, a very good one is copied below, with thanks.

By: ImaObserver in response to article re: Cali in potential danger of losing ‘children’s health treatments.

……………… …………… ……..

The evil pirate ship “Liberal Democrat” was caught in a storm and has been demasted and is sinking. The rats are seeking to save themselves.

Some are praying for their souls while others are grasping for anything that may possibly float. The majority scream and wail at the injustice of it all, rending their garments and blaming everyone else except themselves for their failures.

In spite of all of the oarsmen that they welcomed aboard, or shanghaied with their false promises and then promptly relegated to the bilges, they were not able to overcome the storm of public indignation expressed by this great nation in the election of Donald Trump.

No more fitting end for the liberal democrat than Davey Jones’ Locker.

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