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The Games Have Begun

And they won’t be easy or painless…

Donald J. Trump – 45th President elect of The USA… live it or damned well leave it!

Any remote, partial recovery of this used to be pretty fair nation – may not happen.

It seems from reading all the entrenched nay-sayers – that we’re outnumbered by these fools, idiots & paid for protesters; be they ‘regular folk, or self aggrandized media ‘anchors’.

They ALL need to “get a life” – but they won’t – much too full filling for them to be idiots among their own kind. Am trying to find the start point of stupidity – not having much success – but just started … Soooo…

The digging & trenching continues.

At the moment, best guess is the real beginnings were in late 1980, building up to the 1990’s with the genuine kickoff of the MAJOR false flag of 9/11.

How can a government DO this to it’s own citizens?

Very easy when corruption has rotted through from the skin to the core. There really is only one way to rid of them. Not pretty or ‘kind’ – otherwise it will grow back – faster than it should.

Because, grow back it will. And this is a harsh reality; a very bitter bite; blackest of black.

Whether a super cleansing us to come, remains to be seen.

As of April 2018, a move toward something of this nature feels to be in the works. It’s all been a waiting game as Sessions & his team have been investigating & producing THOUSANDS of sealed warrants – NATION-WIDE & some offshore my bet.

Meanwhile the ‘rest’ of the Country still tries to rip itself to useless shreds, not even fit for fertilizer… Burn some areas – seems, at the moment, the only solution; the ignorance and evil of the Liberals is not only rampant, but may’ve reached apogee.

>more to come<

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