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POTUS Elect Appointments


WaPo Sez we’re headed toward a dictatorship due to the retired military appointments…

But then by now ALL of WaPo readership KNOWS or suspects this media outlet is done… Toast… All but buried… Lame duck – just like who they ‘support’ & like those who still drool down their chins at ‘reporting’ by this outlet.

WaPo – the leader of the zombies.

I say EXCELLENT!  Maybe we can rid this nation in part of the troublemakers et al – who are NOT even here legally.

As I see it – it will take a lot of military cunning to carve out the rotten spots in order to save the healthy flesh of our USA.  So elect Trump’s choices are spot on to assist in doing this.

How can people be so dense as to not realize this?  Oh – wait… The sheep of the liberals remain out to pasture or come in to cause trouble near the barn only.


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