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Laughter IS the Best Medicine…

I knew this was going to be the case…knew it, knew it, knew it.

President elect Trump has had me laughing out loud for days now (since his win – and before actually),  then as I read of his potential appointments to his administration; his general activities; and the fully impotent responses of detractors…

The latter being the main ones to draw this laughter.  But I sure won’t thank these Nimrods – but heartily thank the future POTUS.

You GO guy!!!

2016 – TRULY a year of strangenesses.

One of the worst (which also causes at least head shaking and many tsk, tsk, tsks) is Obama’s continuing ‘blind eye’ of what horrors/lies he’s actually condoned & precipitated in these United States of America – even worse in countries he/USG/we have had NO business meddling. 

(My big shame is I actually donated 2 smidgen amounts to his campaign in 2007.  Then in 2008 lost every last vestige of 46 steady years of work.)

To quote President Putin “do you realize what you’ve done?”.

I’ll throw Mr. & Mrs. Clinton and ALL the NWO puppet masters into this same pot.  But there’s never been a moment of even a smile, where these are concerned.

The last several administrations have been the biggest fails of decades. BIGGEST.  Own it – you bastards & bastardettes.  Because the stench will stick to you until you’re fully composted.

Meanwhile – until I become fully composted – I have an incoming POTUS who brings me joy and daily snickers and outright laughter – which is the very best medicine…

Cannot Trump that!

Oh – wait … … Haaaaaa!!!

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