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Open Letter to The Donald, 45th President elect of the USA!


President elect Trump, sir…

I cannot imagine but that you will have many of these types of communications directed toward your office, you.

Firstly – millions of us here (USA) and globally – congradulate your successful bid for this office – secondly, we congratulate ourselves for assisting in placing you there.

We did – didn’t we? Or did we…

Some of the media were correct in the extreme, to whine about the anger of the masses pushing and pulling for you. Because you yourself, Mr. President-to-be expressed this anger and frustration yourself, in demeanor and speech.

How could people who’ve gone through so many losses – for decades now – not, align with you; your potential? We couldn’t resist the possibilities; your shared anger and frustration… Your outrageous humor!

It’s all those who have been ‘propagandized’ into stupor, who will still try to cause trouble and who ALL of us finally awake, will hope they will also wake up.

That’s a pretty big maybe right there, but still possible…

You, Sir, have massive work ahead; there will be attempts to ‘torpedo’ much if not all; stay the course.

Those of us who support you most, have been seriously damaged by the past administrations. An exhausting thing to survive – let alone recover from; and recovery may be too late for millions of us.

But having you, President Trump, as our representative will/has given us hope for our country that at least corruption and special interests infiltrated in the current government can be stemmed and gradually cleared.

Stemmed and even somewhat controlled will be enormous HUGE improvement.

That incessant meddling and greed of many in the current structure can be thwarted; that justice may be mete out to those who richly deserve it.

As for occupancy of the ‘white house & dome’ – perhaps it’s akso time to rebuild the whole mess structurally.

It doesn’t mean anything since it hasn’t represented us regular people for decades now. Get rid if it & construct something fresh!

For all of us.

Thank you, Sir – for taking this on to do the very best you can with it.

J. Elliott

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