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There really aren’t that many in a lifetime.  Perhaps that’s what makes them beautifully recognizable when they come, are, and YOU get to live them.


Today – 10.4.16 Tuesday – is one of ’em to blog about – share…

Up just as the earth was baring her shoulders to the star we call sun; sky cloudless.

Temp was 38°.

Put coffee on to prep for my gurldawg & I ‘coffee-cookies’ morning routine; then her breakfast; then more java for me – along with the so-called-news/events… Worldwide…Keeps on gettin worse.

But THIS DAY – is just waking up for her and I.

Miss M moves on to explore her immediate perimeters – I start water into the washer (have to haul water in what is now a ‘water bladder’ – former air mattress)… Which is in the back of the pick up.   Hey!  It works!

Add the clothes; start the generator; plug in the washer; start … And we go for a hike down to the meadow, across the valley, and back to ‘you are here’.

Since I left the lid up on the washer (on purpose) – it has stopped at cycle end.  Miss M goes to her cool spot to rest.

I restart the load – check on the gurl – and head inside to forage.

One more java for me & breakfast.

A breeze has come up… Temp is now 58° … And at 0955, sky still clear, clear, clear.  


Sun is well into winter solstice and tho warm is not skin searing hot as in summer.  Perfect Day.  (We’re at 7620 ft. In central west NM) 

A couple hours later clothes are done and hanging on the fence areas to dry.

The bedding is out UV baking; and I’ve actually brought out a chair to sit in and fully enjoy this marvelous day.

But first – vacuum.

That done – I’m down to lazy mode, very relaxing in my chair, in the sun, on the deck and just marvelling at how such a Perfect Day can be, onto my gurldawg and I; at a perfect 66° with a perfect, continuous, light breeze.

And its only 1428 hours!

Huggerzzzz to everyone!!!

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