Kinda amusing how Clinton-Trump form a very natural nickname of ‘clump’.

Never in all my observations of the POTUS PRE-election  goings-on, have I witnessed such ridiculousness.  And I’ve been observing since the sixties.

Clinton, with few exceptions, dresses like a frump; Trump can’t keep a straight tongue or expression (which I find hilarious!).

Trump may be off the wall, but the majority (much?) of what he says is spot on.  Problem is, his so-called party affiliates will not get behind him… They too, want more wars, disasters, corruption – we’ll see…

Clinton is a war-mongering certainty She probably envisions nuking her hubby Bill, along with other happless people and/or countries.  

How can she vie for the POTUS with a serious, sober demeanor?  Well, actually she doesn’t, she can’t.  

Talk about a psychological misfit, she’s the poster child – & yet – if one were to believe the polls …. Hmmmmm…

She thinks she’s wonderful – even though she’s one of the worst minded & clothed women out there.  What’s up with that anyway – the wardrobe part..?

We already know about the mind thing – atrophied.

Does she truly not know, clothes tell tremendous amounts about a person? About their potentials?  Especially if running for POTUS?

Well – she just doesn’t give a rat’s putootey… She knows she’s in cuz the election is rigged in her favor.


Darn that Trump…  And Mrs. Frump USA, keeps on keepin on.

Trump on the other hand – ALWAYS dresses well, at least.  If he could just curb his enthusiasm for verbal chicanery – I wonder…

Nowhere near high drama at all.  More closely resembles high school ‘social’ drivel.  Disgusting… It is entertaining though.

She’s disturbing to watch and brings hubby Bill – who still can’t keep it zipped and according to a retired SS – potential for more drugs in the WH.

Trump is mostly hilarious at least.  And he brings a pretty nice family.  He’s not a politician for sure – but that could be a very good thing.

What a dufus duo.

Running for POTUS!!!


Only in Amurrica.

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