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Hillary Clinton

An open note to you:


Updated commentary – then the original commentary.

Some very nice shots of you appeared in some of the media shots this aft. & evening.  Particularly the one of you & Obama about to shake hands – with a CNN backdrop.   THAT suit you have on is perfect…

Now the original: 

EVERY female head of a country dresses as out of a poorly run thrift shop – especially you (even though u are not yet head).  Dilma Rouseff had some style – and perhaps LaPenne.

But good grief – what is it with all these loud, stupid colors, of horrid material – worse design?

If you began dressing like an executive – shut your mouth about Trump and Russia, have your doctors find a better alternative to the poison they’ve got you on, get on some good probiotics if nothing else – both your health & public image would rise to the top again…

What is wrong with you and your judgment?  Who around you impairs what you should say & do?

You have GOT to change your tack and take back personal control of all around you.  You have GOT to regain you health, balance and equilibrium.

People that choose your wardrobe as they do – have no vision or respect for you or themselves – its disgusting.

Start true power dressing & stop puney dressing.

STOP allowing them to dress you like a frump!

This us not the first time I’ve brought this up with you.


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