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Hitllary Clinton ‘wins’ Nomination!

It’s being touted as’Making History’!!!

She’s made history alright.  She’s been proven – PROVEN – to be one of the most criminally bent humans – and STILL gets ‘nominated’ … But this is not new at all.

With a staunch opponent – sandbagged by his own party; with a huge following; deserts his followers – & endorses one of the planet’s worst humans – male or female.   

Bernie Sanders.  He’ll never make Captain of any ship of any kind.  He has – however – made a very good rat.

BULLSHIT IS RUNNING very deep indeed right now.

Within BOTH of the ‘officially recognized’. Political parties.  As it has always done for past decades.

Only difference now us WE get to hear & see all the smut & smegma due to the ‘internet’…

But nothing seems to change or swing in a positive direction toward us – we the people – who built this fucking country.

Power, greed, corruption to the power of not just ten – but to the millions…

THIS is the legacy of the ‘United States of America’.   War – bloodshed – hate – pauperism of its very own people; us – along with substantial portions of the rest of the planet’s peoples.

An experiment of the ultra rich gone wrong.  But they don’t care – always more ‘where that came from’ .

Do more False Flags – admit to nothing – collateral damage not only acceptable – but titillating to the maximum for all involved.

A vomitorium for those of us who remember what was & worked toward what should be.



Sad and angering beyond words.

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