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Turkey’s Erdogan, and a side dish – New Zealand

The Supposed coup attempt and now ALL the rest of it is/was/is an experiment for USG, WH, Clinton’s, Bushes, Videos, and ALL the known but unnamed crooks et al – etcetera… They all wanted to see how ANY other if the countries ‘over there’ would react.

And by gawd – so far – no reactions at all.

So – if Erdogan succeeds, the planet in general will lapse into @ least 2/3rds chaos with blood running in the streets. 


Most probably here too – but Hitllary will play it low key for a few months… If she really does get in…

Then she & her Illuminati buddies & handlers will deal the decisive blow.

Watch for it….

And as for New Zealand…

A visit this past week to a poor and weak ‘reception’… Gets ‘put in his place’ and leaves.

It is NO coincidence a day or so later there is a non-member threat message left on an aircraft at the NZ airfield… Which of course is shut down – evacuated etc.

These events follow around and precede anyone connected with the current ‘ruling parties’ NWO supporters & especially – it seems – the WH’s USG.

Especially when they find themselves within a majority country which despises the hegemony conduct displayed so proudly.

How bizarre is that?…

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