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Nice, France – Turkey ‘coup’ attempt.  In all likelihood – two more False Flags…  And – bonus – Theresa May has already calmly confirmed the UK will definitely be a victim – soon…


FF Turkey: So – 42 of ‘Turkey’s’ choppers missing… From the air Base housing between 60 & 90  ready-to-go nukes… Belonging to USA.

Belonging – dammittall – to us taxpayers…

No mention of a count of those nukes…

Perhaps the .4 blast on the T Parliament was one..

Throughout – NATO did nothing – for a member.

Dollars to a single donut the copters will show up soon with the Daesh groups… With a nuke apiece.

The nuke watchdogs should’ve been on site sat or sun at latest to officially verify none were missing – or just the one.

Even USA/WH sez nothing regarding this…

France: this FF gets more obvious.  Cops saw the van enter toward the crowd by jumping the ‘kurb’ of the blocked street & did nothing.

Nothing at all…

Both of these events and prior ones are very similar to Benghazi ‘stand down’ and even the 9/11 ‘stand down’.

Look but don’t touch.

J n mm in NM

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