Hitllary Clinton ‘wins’ Nomination!

It’s being touted as’Making History’!!!

She’s made history alright.  She’s been proven – PROVEN – to be one of the most criminally bent humans – and STILL gets ‘nominated’ … But this is not new at all.

With a staunch opponent – sandbagged by his own party; with a huge following; deserts his followers – & endorses one of the planet’s worst humans – male or female.   

Bernie Sanders.  He’ll never make Captain of any ship of any kind.  He has – however – made a very good rat.

BULLSHIT IS RUNNING very deep indeed right now.

Within BOTH of the ‘officially recognized’. Political parties.  As it has always done for past decades.

Only difference now us WE get to hear & see all the smut & smegma due to the ‘internet’…

But nothing seems to change or swing in a positive direction toward us – we the people – who built this fucking country.

Power, greed, corruption to the power of not just ten – but to the millions…

THIS is the legacy of the ‘United States of America’.   War – bloodshed – hate – pauperism of its very own people; us – along with substantial portions of the rest of the planet’s peoples.

An experiment of the ultra rich gone wrong.  But they don’t care – always more ‘where that came from’ .

Do more False Flags – admit to nothing – collateral damage not only acceptable – but titillating to the maximum for all involved.

A vomitorium for those of us who remember what was & worked toward what should be.



Sad and angering beyond words.

John Kerry

Worst toupee of the century – I imagine him totally naked – well – with a necktie & shoes & it is only a flash – it’s just too horrible…

Matter of fact my Imagineering (& yes I can use this word – it’s my word – I coined it in the 80’s before Disney) doesn’t stop with Mr. Kerry.

Very few if any politicos escape the ‘declothing’ – so far – none are worth a re-deaux .

I have to take an antacid to counteract the discomfort – then a hearty vodka water.

Maybe if all these idiots pretended they were buck naked when they do media crap – maybe they’d get the pic.

Turkey’s Erdogan, and a side dish – New Zealand

The Supposed coup attempt and now ALL the rest of it is/was/is an experiment for USG, WH, Clinton’s, Bushes, Videos, and ALL the known but unnamed crooks et al – etcetera… They all wanted to see how ANY other if the countries ‘over there’ would react.

And by gawd – so far – no reactions at all.

So – if Erdogan succeeds, the planet in general will lapse into @ least 2/3rds chaos with blood running in the streets. 


Most probably here too – but Hitllary will play it low key for a few months… If she really does get in…

Then she & her Illuminati buddies & handlers will deal the decisive blow.

Watch for it….

And as for New Zealand…

A visit this past week to a poor and weak ‘reception’… Gets ‘put in his place’ and leaves.

It is NO coincidence a day or so later there is a non-member threat message left on an aircraft at the NZ airfield… Which of course is shut down – evacuated etc.

These events follow around and precede anyone connected with the current ‘ruling parties’ NWO supporters & especially – it seems – the WH’s USG.

Especially when they find themselves within a majority country which despises the hegemony conduct displayed so proudly.

How bizarre is that?…

The Book of Maxine

She & I came together February 17th, 2009.

She was 6 weeks old exactly and for some strange reason – was the very last of her litter mates to be placed.

Hesitant as I was (had just gone through the death of my long time buddy Maxwell – only 5 days earlier) … I could tell she was not that enthused about me either.

But I had this hole, this enormous vacuum inside me… She reluctantly – sortta – accepted me as caretaker, at this time.

Am sure Max whispered to her even as she was born – about me… You can see in one of her baby pics – eyes barely open – she’s really trying to figure things out

At that age?

It was there though…

She was only a little playful – unusual – I thought – for a puppy her age and breed. Her preference seemed to be to remain aloof, but allow my occasional invasion of her personal space.

I didn’t push it – with this one I felt to let her develop with as little interference as possible on my part, was the route to maintain.

She loved the walks we took – always wanting to be on her own feet – ‘don’t carry me! Put me down!’ attitude.

There were times though, during our first winter, this pattern had to be broken due to snow & extreme cold, and an overzealous roadrunner who scented her baby-hood.

The roadrunner actually spotted us as we were returning to camp. Then scenting the lingering delicacy of ‘baby’ – followed us home – at a distance.

I carried her the last several hundred feet – she was tiring and didn’t object.

Both of us settled next to the tent in a patch of sunlight – then a few minutes later – there’s the roadrunner… Less than 5 feet away and cresting and looking not at me – but sleeping Maxine.

I had no idea until then – how prehistoric these birds really looked or were. A bony appearing crest when activated and a ripping, tearing beak. Geez.

Grabbing a large stick, I shooed it away through the make-shift branch barricade next to the tent. Settled back again – 15 or so minutes later – darned if it wasn’t back – attempting access at another point.

Maxine must’ve smelled particularly enticing.

This time I chased it off again – but got my .410 out and fired a couple of rounds off behind it as it was heading south

That must’ve done the trick. No more roadrunner sightings for a couple of years.

Little gurldawg slept through the entire thing – including the shotgun firing.

She finally took the carry times well, finally understanding I wasn’t going to ‘teach’ her to do something bizarre, but just help out a bit.

It was a matter of days after the roadrunner I put up fencing around our immediate area, to protect her better.

Spring came and she was finally thawing toward me as well. By then I was hopelessly enthralled with her and her way of being. She was not Max – but there was something beginning to show – emerge even though it wasn’t looked for – I couldn’t help but gasp at it.

She, by now could jump up into the truck and made the passenger seat her own

Back seat occasionally, not often.

Her favorite was to spot cattle near the roadway fences and I soon learned to slow way down so she could devour them visually. She was, after all, half Aussie and Border.

During that summer I gifted her with a partially deflated, small soccer ball. O boy! It was GAME ON! From that time forward. It was the exact energy outlet she needed and skill set honing.

We began pretty easy – my kicking & her chasing/retrieving. In no time – I couldn’t get it past her – she would expertly block everything – purposely taking hard hits to her face as she would grab the ball & dance a bit.

This became a regular & routine play for us. I never tired of trying to get one by, but she was too expert at reading my body language to let that happen. Truly amazing.

The hiking & walks became favs of hers as well – but nothing could beat soccer as her pass time. We have over 4 years accrued at least 12 thoroughly deflated balls. Toward the end of the third year she slowed down & was discovered to have hypothyroid condition.

We began the accepted regime of levothyroxine, knowing this was yet another long haul for now the most precious part of me.


And THIS is the face of it…

“Dinner, pleeze mom?”

(Much more to come)

Nice, France – Turkey ‘coup’ attempt.  In all likelihood – two more False Flags…  And – bonus – Theresa May has already calmly confirmed the UK will definitely be a victim – soon…


FF Turkey: So – 42 of ‘Turkey’s’ choppers missing… From the air Base housing between 60 & 90  ready-to-go nukes… Belonging to USA.

Belonging – dammittall – to us taxpayers…

No mention of a count of those nukes…

Perhaps the .4 blast on the T Parliament was one..

Throughout – NATO did nothing – for a member.

Dollars to a single donut the copters will show up soon with the Daesh groups… With a nuke apiece.

The nuke watchdogs should’ve been on site sat or sun at latest to officially verify none were missing – or just the one.

Even USA/WH sez nothing regarding this…

France: this FF gets more obvious.  Cops saw the van enter toward the crowd by jumping the ‘kurb’ of the blocked street & did nothing.

Nothing at all…

Both of these events and prior ones are very similar to Benghazi ‘stand down’ and even the 9/11 ‘stand down’.

Look but don’t touch.

J n mm in NM