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Orlando ‘Shootings’

Orlando ‘shootings’…

Yeah… And how many (all???) Of this event) were either crisis actor PARTICIPANTS/offered relocation opportunities etc?

Who is going to monitor all the ‘dead’ – check / coincide coffin ‘fill’ – etc…?

This smells as bad or worse than Boston or SH…

Trump is calling for neighbors, co-workers etc to report aberrant behavior – or be held responsible… What a weak, inane response.

What of aberrant behavior of the families of these so-called perps, who do nothing???

One or all of these ‘POTUS’ candidates should have had reps or themselves on scene if this were a bonafide event…

First squeal was gun control …

SHOCKING – how much of this planet population buys right into this a a real event.

It’s a great, two prong event! The gays & guns… What a crock. And to top off we now see the shooter – Mateen – may’ve been a homosexual himself, along with working years as a security guard – fully licensed to conceal carry.

Going to gay bars to pick up/meet men – for YEARS!!! ESPOUSING HIS SUPPORT of ISIS – via 911 calls during this chaos.

CIA/FBI/WH are becoming marginally better in their staging – but not so much. I’ve seen that Parker woman AND the doc with her – in other of these events. A larger pool of crisis actors is needed people.

Oh! Your choice of ‘Latino Night’ … Wow!

Hoax. Hoax. Hoax. At the expense of many.

WHY are most of these political hacks still drawing air??? How is this possible???

Dimwitted bubble heads …

And follows here a note to the firearms store – owner and associates:

Sir… This email is NOT hate mail – which u may be getting much of.

I attempted to send this – but it seems your email has been interrupted – so I called earlier – gratified to have the phone answered by an associate.

And thank him now, for being good enough to hear me out.

It’s doubtful ‘the truth’ of the event will be revealed easily.  Perhaps you are already aware of it – maybe not.

I just wanted to express there are thousands (millions?) of us who support you as a firearms retailer and human.  Those who may threaten & attempt coercion are dangerously stupid – & “you can’t fix stupid”.

Be careful, but be aware of solid support from people such as I…

This, is what patently horrid/nightmare government does/causes/creates/enacts.  Presently ours is among the worst in the world – and about to become worse if Clinton’s get back in.

Disgusting to the core of the Universe.

The ‘Justice System’ is no more; shams to the left, right, front, back, above & below.  Guess you’d observe – we’re covered alright.

I myself worked in law enforcement many years, from Eureka to Fortuna – Healdsburg to finishing out with Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept – California.

At this time – one could see law & order in action – but it’s all gone now – virtually everywhere.

When DHS was implemented, my first thought was -‘gawd – that sounds Nazi’…

And now I read Obummer is going to ‘visit’ the ‘crime’ scene… Only a day or two late… He should visit you as well to remove some heat… He won’t – as in all – he’s one of the most pointless space-takers born; even tho we are still questioning where he was born.

Hope your sales and services grow in strength.  If I can ever afford a new firearm – you’ll be contacted.  Meanwhile I’ll continue keeping my .410 oiled.

Off my soapbox – stay strong, alert, safe.

J Elliott – New Mexico