Pavlov’s Dogs…

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Comment sent to Jon:

All of this is in fact no longer prototype. The most obvious example/s cannot be missed – that of the DC cabal (visible & not so visible parts) & the rabid followers.

“…all humans—are just biological/chemical machines. Freedom? A delusion. Spirit? A fiction.” Excerpt from Jon’s article.

The pendulum has not reached apogee. When it does it will be uncommon ugly. When it begins downward again – it will be uglier, then another cyclic event begins for thinking, reasoning logic applying humanity… Of what’s left of us… To be subversed & blocked by the Pavlovians … What’s left of them.

Ever since ‘humanity’ on Earth, agreements in small, temporary pockets only – ALWAYS preyed upon the jealous & ugly minded.

Never goes away – never resets – does it, Jon?

Thank you.

Julia E in NM

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UTS – “Christianity” as such…

Prof Serene Jones
Just read an interview in which you described your theological beliefs of biblical (& likely other inputs) origin.
From the interview article I say bravo!
As to the “rebuttal” at interview conclusion – he espouses the same old saws as always.
The ‘bible’ and all in it are contrivances of early fiction writers – story tellers; as a whole massaged time & again by similar writers ‘putting their two cents in’.
Then discovered ‘Hey! Bet we could make a living off of this!’. Didn’t take long either…
Humanity at large globally, would’ve been better off if they took responsibility for their own actions instead of attaching it to some unseen – unknown dieties & literally THREAT thereof. This last is pure nonsense.
It’s unfortunate that billions are living their lives within this attachment – as THIS – Ultimately will be mass destruction OF humans BY humans.
Most have come to thoroughly deserving of it by their very own ‘hand and mind’ as it were. WELL deserved at that.
Thank you Prof S. Jones.
Mrs. J Elliott, New Mexico
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